The education of a very small child, therefore does not aim at preparing him for school but for life.  -Maria Montessori
  • Cathedral Montessori School is committed to honoring the uniqueness of each child. Our classrooms foster a love of learning and independent thinking, as students explore personal interests and engage in self-directed projects. The Montessori environment offers students a wide variety of materials and activities that emphasize concentration, problem-solving, and self-motivation—skills necessary for future success in education and life.
  • We encourage children to share their experiences with peers, parents, and adults. We guide them to interact and collaborate with respect, kindness, and courtesy, and to consider the impact of their work and actions on others’ well-being. Our classroom is an active community in which children learn by doing, by watching others, and by sharing ideas.
  • Learning is not limited to the traditional indoor classroom. We invite students to carry their curiosity and creativity to outdoor projects and activities. We emphasize appreciation for our land, air, and water in our outdoor classroom, where children have the opportunity to interact with their natural surroundings.