Having grown from the benevolence of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Cathedral Montessori celebrates diversity of culture, tradition, and faith. It is our mission to prepare students for a life of independent and self-directed learning in a community that fosters a love of knowledge, pride in individual difference, and a harmonious relationship with the social and natural environment.


Cathedral Montessori School began in 2010 with the support and commitment of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral. Founded in 1864 as the first Greek Orthodox church in America, Holy Trinity has enriched the city of New Orleans with its cultural traditions, festivals, philanthropy, and faith in the power of community throughout its long history. Having provided a home for common purpose and shared faith and culture to the new immigrant Greek community in its early years, the church reassumed its leadership mantle in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Restored with the help of parishioners and volunteers from New Orleans and around the world, the church reopened just four months after the devastating flood and became a symbol of renewal and community-centered redevelopment. Cathedral Montessori, infused with the church’s respect for tradition, cultural diversity, and community-building, stands as a testament to Holy Trinity’s local commitment and global perspective.

Cathedral Montessori School is founded on Christian principles and is open to students of all religious, cultural, and racial backgrounds. It strives to create an atmosphere that fosters the love of God and the love of humanity. Its students are offered opportunities for formal worship in the Greek Orthodox tradition as well as the study of Christianity and other world religions. The Greek Orthodox Church distinguishes between education and evangelism and recognizes that the primary purpose of the Cathedral Montessori School is to educate.